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Maker Day Exploration Event

Experiences Can Include:

Robotics, Movie Making, Crafting, Design Thinking, Coding, Engineering,

Artistic Design, AR/VR Experiences, Drones

$1500 per day

Fully staffed with pre-developed curriculum


Maker Day Project Event 
Curriculum Connected Making and Exploration

Custom Experiences aligned to your school's curriculum

including activities in every area of STEAM

$1500 Per Day

Fully staffed with Custom Curriculum


Week of Making

A Week of VanISD’s STEAM Bus Experiences

Summer Camp or PBL Week 

Culminating in a School-Wide Project

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Professional Development

A Full Day of Teacher Professional Development on 

Making in the Classroom

Utilize Van ISD Instructional Technologists and Maker Specialists

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*Maximum of 30 students per group per hour (~180 students per day), 6 hrs full day/ 3 hrs half-day.

**Maximum travel distance is 50 miles from Van, TX.

***Reservations should be made at least two weeks before the scheduled event.

tips for getting the steam bus to your students 

STEAM Bus - present to principal handout.png
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