• The STEAM Bus is a 43-foot renovated school bus

  • Design work was done by students, teachers, district instructional staff, technology and maintenance staff, and a community volunteer

  • Took just over a year from when the project started to launching the bus

  • Six hands-on workstations

  • Equipped for indoor & outdoor activities

  • Includes wireless Internet

  • Two large screen TVs and three large computer monitors that project video and web-based content

  • One large 75" television on the bus exterior

  • Includes a 3-D laser printer

  • Lab equipment - microscopes, AR/VR equipment

  • Set up for green screen work inside/outside of the bus

  • Powered by a generator and solar panels

program goals

STEAM Support of Curriculum and Student STEAM Experiences

  • Research-based STEAM lessons and units aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as well as the National Science Standards to provide content-rich educational experiences for K-12 students. 

Professional Learning​

  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers in the areas of STEAM so educators have cutting edge resources and skills needed to provide an enhanced educational experience for their students.

Partnerships and Community Awareness

  • Increase awareness of STEAM education through communication and collaboration with the local community.

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with businesses, industries, and higher education to provide STEAM opportunities for teachers and students.