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  • What grade levels does the STEAM bus serve?
    The STEAM Bus has curriculum for any grade level PreK-12. Take a look at the Program Modules page to see what is available. Feel free to inquire regarding custom programs that might best meet the needs of your school.
  • How many students can the STEAM Bus hold?
    Ideally the STEAM Bus can accommodate programming for 180-200 students during a school day.
  • What topics or lessons can my class learn on the STEAM bus?
    Program options include pre-planned “Maker Day Exploration” events or custom designed “Maker Day Project” events. See “Our Program” tab for more information
  • Can the STEAM Bus come to our location?
    Yes, the STEAM Bus can move to various locations within a 50-mile radius of Van, TX. The location must be able to accommodate the bus. The cost of our STEAM Bus programs depends on the location and program choices. The Our Program page will give you a good idea of what the STEAM Bus can offer your school.
  • How can I get the STEAM Bus to my school?
    Simply go to Reservations on the navigation bar to see the availability of the STEAM Bus and complete a form to make a booking request. Look to book events at least two weeks ahead of time. We would love to have a conversation with you about how the STEAM Bus can fulfill the needs of your school site or event.
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